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New VPN Gate – Public Free VPN Cloud by Univ of Tsukuba, Japan

New VPN Gate – Public Free VPN Cloud by Univ of Tsukuba, Japan

A public VPN is a type of VPN connection that can be accessed publicly or publicly by end-users. This is different from a standard or individual VPN, which is usually reserved for specific users, organizations, or clients. It is usually accessed using a standard internet connection.


Vpn gate download

You can download the Soft Ether VPN Client + VPN Gate Client plugin directly from us or from CNET’s, the world’s most popular download site. If you can not download from our basic download server, you can try CNET

New VPN Gate - Public Free VPN Cloud by Univ of Tsukuba, Japan

VPN source country Vpn gate VPN Session IDStart time (UTC) VPN destination countryDestination VPN serveVPN protocol
Vpn gate FranceVPN-12874934888 2022/05/23 2:47:53 (4 mins ago)Japan125.31.x.xOpen Vpn
Vpn gate CambodiaVPN-128749348872022/05/23 2:47:53 (4 mins ago)Thailand110.78.x.xOpen Vpn
Vpn gate Russian FederationVPN-128749348862022/05/23 2:47:53 (4 mins ago)Japan219.100.x.xOpen Vpn
Vpn gate CanadaVPN-128749348852022/05/23 2:47:53 (4 mins ago)Japan 219.100.x.xOpen Vpn
Vpn gate Russian FederationVPN-128749348842022/05/23 2:47:53 (4 mins ago) Thailand110.78.x.xOpen Vpn

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5g VPN gate net

5G is a network of the internet generation. so here we are sharing some good 5g VPN gate net, this network is the latest 5g VPN gate net generation VPN.

CountryTraffic# Connections 
1 Korea Republic of73,029,021.6 GB359278573
2 Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)54,643,795.0 GB3777119172
3 United States31,093,573.0 GB630820631
4 Japan29,424,807.2 GB392703261
5 France27,825,476.3 GB316904772

Vpn server free

Vpn free server is an open-source network to be connected to any mobile phone or pc to the internet. This network is also called free VPN or Vpn Server Free. HeRE is something new for those who want to use the internet in Public Areas.

CountryDDNS hostnameVPN sessionsLine qualitySSL-VPNL2TP/IPsec
(Physical location)IP AddressUptimeThroughput and PingWindowsWindows, Mac,
(ISP hostname)Cumulative usersCumulative transfers(comfortable)iPhone, Android
Logging policyNo client required
vpn528945536.opengw.net17 sessions51.81 Mbps
Korea Republic of175.117.172.1761 daysPing: 28 msSSL-VPN
Total 312,013 usersConnect guide
18,657.95 GBTCP: 1901
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn762670417.opengw.net15 sessions74.71 Mbps
Japan150.31.11.2071 daysPing: 4 msSSL-VPN
Total 85,091 usersConnect guide
9,010.82 GBTCP: 1989
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn231250180.opengw.net8 sessions20.90 Mbps
Korea Republic of115.23.69.1612 daysPing: 28 msSSL-VPN
Total 7,579 usersConnect guide
770.85 GBTCP: 995
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn767523540.opengw.net16 sessions33.45 Mbps
Korea Republic of14.44.93.2071 daysPing: 26 msSSL-VPN
Total 41,750 usersConnect guide
3,985.10 GBTCP: 995
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn905427552.opengw.net24 sessions24.83 Mbps
Ukraine81.162.104.1182 daysPing: 49 msSSL-VPN
Total 178,046 usersConnect guide
10,295.67 GBTCP: 1537
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn898720949.opengw.net29 sessions21.97 Mbps
Korea Republic of218.149.115.1382 daysPing: 35 msSSL-VPN
Total 95,878 usersConnect guide
14,787.65 GBTCP: 995
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn644424494.opengw.net36 sessions60.47 Mbps
Viet Nam113.160.154.1181 daysPing: 38 msSSL-VPN
Total 26,881 usersConnect guide
3,448.51 GBTCP: 1745
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
dnsbaba247.opengw.net75 sessions130.44 Mbps
United States23.94.174.1602 daysPing: 1 msSSL-VPNL2TP/IPsec
Total 15,714 usersConnect guideConnect guide
323.05 GBTCP: 443
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn490205020.opengw.net17 sessions74.25 Mbps
Japan122.222.219.101 daysPing: 32 msSSL-VPN
( 268,317 usersConnect guide
20,111.69 GBTCP: 1766
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks
vpn854415808.opengw.net10 sessions87.42 Mbps
Japan122.103.157.8012 hoursPing: 6 msSSL-VPN
( 161,621 usersConnect guide
14,784.55 GBTCP: 1787
Logging policy:UDP: Supported
2 Weeks



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